Netstore's Vintage and Antique Watch Collection

Netstore Jewellery is pleased to offer a unique collection of fine antique and vintage wrist watches. All precision engineered timepieces from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s. Here is a unique opportunity for anyone with a passing interest, an enthusiast seeking a piece of history, or a collector seeking that special something to add to your watch collection. The jewel in the crown of this collection is my range of men’s and ladies new old stock of vintage Cyma watches. A highly popular precision timepiece in its day, Cyma watches hold their own in value. Rolex, Longines, Enicar, Certina, Ritex and Unicorn are just some names amongst the many that also feature in the collection on offer.

Vintage and Antique Watches

Why buy an antique or vintage wristwatch?

Over the many years in selling watches and now even more than thirty years after the introduction of the electronic wrist watch, I am still amazed by the high level of interest and desire in possessing a vintage or antique mechanical wrist watch. I would often have enthusiasts come into my shop and purchase quality vintage or antique mechanical watches in bulk. One particular vintage watch collector actually purchased fifteen watches in one day, and soon I found myself running low on my irreplaceable stock of antique and vintage mechanical watches, whilst my modern day electronic watch stock was moving rather slowly by comparison. The question begs as to why people are so attracted to antique or vintage mechanical watches. One thought which comes to mind is that antique or vintage watches possess a certain charm which reflects a style and aura of the past. They are indeed a piece of history. Perhaps vintage or antique watches garner particular interest because of the high quality craftsmanship of a past era now lost. I can certainly see how the intricate mechanical workings of antique or vintage watch.jpgmechanical wrist watches would have a strong attraction to collectors that are either mechanically or engineering minded. However, I feel the greatest attraction and fascination with the world of vintage and antique mechanical wrist watches is due to the rarity and uniqueness of a lost art having investment value for the discerning collector or enthusiast. No longer in production, the antique or vintage mechanical watch is now even more rare and consequently highly collectable, especially with the more popular brands. Some have an affinity to certain brands that were once worn by family members, others are attracted to the unique design and style of a certain period in history. I have at times assisted keen vintage motor enthusiasts in determining the appropriate vintage or antique watch and watch band to go with their period vehicles and costumes. For all the above reasons and more, antique and vintage wrist watches have become more and more popular today as more people are appreciating the value of owning a unique part of history, capturing a special charm that today’s mass produced watch can never truly provide.

What does Netstore Jewellery have that is so special?

Having inherited the family business, I have kept aside the best of the antique and vintage watch stock until now. Here is a unique opportunity for the astute and keen vintage and antique watch collector or enthusiast to purchase some rather uniquely rare mechanical watches, but more than that, many are in truly unblemished pristine condition, a feature which is even more scarce to find in the market place of antique and vintage wrist watches. I have divided my antique and vintage stock into two basic categories, new old stock, being unused left over stock which is as new as the day it was originally obtained. (In some cases, from the 1950’s onwards). The second category I refer to as restored watches. These are indeed used or pre-loved watches, which I have lovingly restored to working condition, by replacing any faulty, worn or tired looking components in order to bring these watches to close to or as new condition as possible. Some are over 100 years old, and extremely rare timepieces. Only working mechanical watches are being offered for sale, and will be tested prior to despatch when sold.

Antique and vintage wristwatch accessories

Netstore has a limited supply of genuine rare new old stock leather and chorded ladies watchbands from the early 1900’s. (See Rare Vintage Watchbands). Also, Netstore has a range of genuine rare new old stock, vintage or antique metal ladies watchbands in stainless steel, gold patina, gold plated, and even solid gold. Here is a unique opportunity to rejuvenate your precious vintage or antique wrist watch with a new pristine matching period watchband or watch bracelet to enhance the look and the value of your vintage timepiece. For the men, Netstore has a range from antique and vintage to modern stainless steel, gold patina, and even gold plated metal watch bracelets. For the avid collector, Netstore has a limited collection of branded metal watch bracelets, some of which are quite difficult to source. However, most are used or pre-loved and no longer available as new. (See Brand Name Watchbands). Omega, Bulova, Tissot, Longines, Edox, Enicar and Seiko are just some examples. Having a matching brand name watch bracelet completes and enhances the overall appearance of your wristwatch providing added value and style.