Vintage hidden treasures revealed now up for sale !

Netstore Jewellery now selling only online, has the real deal, where avid appreciators of truly genuine rare vintage jewellery can be found.

Precious old yet brand new never worn pristinely preserved stock as well as some rather unique restored items can be discovered here.

These treasures belonged to my family with a long history in the jewellery business. As its custodian, I have found it quite difficult determining a fair and reasonable selling price in today’s market. I am prepared to consider all reasonable offers, and will offer 10% lower for any identical item offered elsewhere.

Netstore is part of a family jewellery business that has spanned several generations, maintaining the highest level of trust and integrity. We stand by the authenticity and quality of our items. Once sold they can not be replenished. These are rare one of a kind pieces that can only appreciate in value over time.