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Loose Opals

Spectacular multicolour 7mm x 6mm freeform heart shaped opal doublet rich with fiery reds, blues and greens. Ravishingly beautiful!

Ravishingly eyecatching! Depending on the amount of light, this 10mm x 6mm opal triplet has a spectacularly impressive rolling flash in either green or red. Opals with rolling flashes are extremely popular.

Beautiful ocean blue matching pair of opal triplets. Ideal for a pair of earrings. Medium sized for a great effect but not too large to appear overbearing. Lovely colour! Size: 16mm x 10mm each opal.

Solid white opal crystal from Coober Pedy. Polished on both sides revealing fiery multicoloured sparkles of green,red and mauve amongst a partialy milky surface. 0.5 carat.

Amazing kalaidescope of colours emanating from this lively 12mm long by 8mm wide opal triplet. Beautiful in a pendant or eye catching as a ring. Most affordably priced.

Gorgeous deep blue/mauves with small sparkles of aqua green in this amazing large sized opal doublet. Stunning feature as a pendant or whatever your creative mind chooses to invent. 24.5 x 15.5 mm opal.

Scintillatng deep ocean playfire blue opal doublet.This free form shaped opal will make a stunning, eyecatching ring or pendant. For the one who adores the colour of blue, this one is for you. 16mm x 10mm.

Solid white opal with pinfire green from Coober Pedy. This freeform shaped opal can be perceived as a shield or heart shape, and would look very lovely as a ring or as a pendant. 0.5 carat.

Fiery streaks of emerald green across this small solid white opal. For the admirers of small petite adornment, this one is worthy of your consideration. Also ideal for the budget conscious. 0.5 carat.

Solid white multifire opal with a more subtle maze of colours originating from Coober Pedy. Beautiful as a pendant for one who prefers a more soft subtle style. 3.00 carat (21mm x9mm x2mm)

Eyecatching sky blues and emerald greens in this 18mm x 13mm oval shaped opal triplet. Ideal gift as a unique souvenir from Australia. Can be custom set as a ring, pendant etc.

Solid white opal shell with lovely flashes of green and blue with hints of pale red. Lovely as a ring or as a pendant. For one who likes more subtle colour tones. Originating from Coober Pedy. 1.5 carat.

Solid white multicolour pinfire opal shell. Originating from Coober Pedy this free form shaped opal will make a most uniquely shaped piece of jewellery. 1.5 carat.

Amazing fiery mixture of colours in this Andamooka matrix opal of long free form shape. Destined to become a stunning piece that will capture many a glance. Equally as stunning on both sides. 10.5 carat.

Solid white free form shaped opal from Coober Pedy. Lively fiery flashes of many colours providing a most unique quality and character. Add some diamonds or gemstones and you will create a stunning piece. 1.5 carat.

Bright fiery broadflash sky blues and emerald greens with this black opal doublet. Small in size yet big on vibrancy. Suitable for a ring or perhaps a pendant. 10mm x 7.5mm.

Beautiful mixture of assorted blues and greens in this free form black opal doublet. Ideal for a ring or a pendant perhaps surrounded by gems to enhance the overall character. 11mm x 9mm.

Stunning solid white multifire opal with amazing internal flashes of mauve, green and red. From Lightning Ridge 2.5 carat free form opal.

Solid white opal with fiery flashes of pinfire green, originating from Coober Pedy. 3.0 carat.

Spectacular pinfire green Andamooka matrix opal.Vibrant green,blue & orange flashes make this piece come alive. This stunning opal will make for a most unique and stunning piece of jewellery. 19.5 carat.

Stunning large circular Andamooka matrix opal. Fiery pinfire sparks of reds,greens and blues emanating from deep within this rich reddish brown opal.This will make a most amazing pendant. 20.5 carat.

Stunning fiery electric neon green flashes inside this solid crystal opal from Lightning Ridge. 2.5 carat opal.

Vibrant maze of floral styled fiery multicolours in this large piece of Andamooka matrix opal.This beauty has the potential to become a most stunning pendant. Incredible reds, oranges, blues, greens and yellows. 24.5 carat.

Stunning Andamooka matrix opal with fiery multicolour pinfire floral array, like a beautifuly flowered garden growing aimlessly amongst the rocks. This large piece will make for a spectacular pendant. 26.5 carat.

Incredible Andamooka Matrix opal with fiery floral displays in all assorted shades of vibrant blues and greens. This will make for a most amazing pendant for one who has an affinity with flowers. 29 carat free form opal.

Beautiful fiery transparent crystal multicolour broadflash solid opal. Gem quality opal overflowing with vibrant greens, sky blues, golden yellows and firey reds. Originating from Lightning Ridge. 1.0 carat opal

Andamooka matrix with amazing deep internal multicolur broadflashes the like I have never seen. A big piece suitable for a large pendant. Beautiful on both sides, intensely ablaze with vibrant fiery colours. 96.5 carat.

Incredibly intense depth of fire and flash within this black opal doublet.Predominantly rich in fiery greens with bright yellows, and vivid blues. Striking piece ! 14.5mm x 9mm.

Spectacular depth of colours in this black opal doublet. Amazingly rich with a kalaidescope of colours that reflect the rare beauty of this particular opal. 13mm x 8.5mm.

Small solid white free form opal from Coober Pedy has fiery sparkles of many assorted colours. 1.0 carat.


The measurements of all jewellery items are merely a close approximation to be used as a guide only.

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